True life stories of forced child removals in Norway.

06.09.17, 11:19:31

06 - Shocking experiences from a Norwegian Lawyer

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Sverre Skimmeland is a Norwegian Lawyer. Together with his law firm he has already worked on several cases of child removals in Norway. His insight on how the cases are being dealt with in his country is rather shocking. He appeals to the international community: "Keep up the fight. Help us to save the children."

21.12.16, 23:45:31

05 - Interview with Amy at the Vienna conference

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American boy Tyler was just 1,5 years old when he was snatched away from his loving mother by the Norwegian Child welfare services in July 2013. In the last two Episodes we were dealing already with this case. In this Episode we share an extended interview with Amy which we recorded at our international conference on Sept. 23rd 2016 in Vienna/Austria.

13.12.16, 12:40:40

04 - Amys case reviewed by an expert

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Norwegian Human Rights Expert Marius Reikeras reviews Amys and Tylers case from a legal perspective. Also check Episode 3 for an interview with Amy. Her son was forcefully removed over a breastfeeding issue.

13.12.16, 12:36:47

03 - Amy Jakobsen and her baby boy Tyler

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Amy Jakobsen is an American citizen. The Norwegian Child welfare service took her 19 months old son Tyler away from her because she was still breastfeeding him at that age. Listen to this Episode where Amy shares her story.

13.12.16, 12:33:13

02 - The Bodnariu case

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The most well known case of forced child removal in Norway is the case of the Bodnariu Family. Austrian Politician Dr. Gudrun Kugler reviews this case and shows how the Norwegian Authorities have violated Human Rights. Dr. Kugler is an Austrian Politician, who holds Masters degrees in law and women's studies and a doctorate in International Law. In 1999 she earned her Master’s of Theological Studies on Marriage and the Family.